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Animals BAM BAM

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Animals BAM BAM (by Foga Tech Limited)

The entire world is filled with crazed ancient beasts and little demons! A massive horde of monsters is coming for you!
Pick up your lance, mount your pet, and fight back! Knock down the enemies blocking your path, eliminate powerful bosses, and save the chaotic world!

Animals BAM BAM

– Fierce battles, insane collisions
Crash! Crash! Crash! Knock down all the enemies in the most direct way possible, for the most enjoyable battle experience!

Animals BAM BAM

-Rich weapon & skill combinations for the ultimate ROGUELIKE experience
With hundreds of weapons and skills, create countless attack styles through different combinations, build the strongest battle power, and defeat all enemies!

Animals BAM BAM

-Collect adorable animals, breed entirely new species
Collect all kinds of charming and unique animals, breed all-new species through a hybrid system, and have them become your strongest companions!

Animals BAM BAM

-Upgrade gears, defeat powerful bosses
Continuously upgrade your weapons and gears through battles, and enhance your battle power. With all these as well as your pet and skills, defeat the boss and achieve ultimate victory!

Animals BAM BAM

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