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Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Self-Service Knight : idle RPG (by CookApps)

Self-Service Knights: Idle RPG – Embark on an exhilarating adventure in this action-packed idle RPG where your dedication shapes the battlefield! Cast aside reliance on mere luck; your time and strategic effort forge the mightiest equipment. Farm epic loot through thrilling battles, crafting legendary weapons and armor as you engage with dynamic combat powered by 20 unique stats.

Craft Your Epic Destiny
Time over luck! Discover rare materials and master recipes to create unparalleled equipment. Your dedication crafts your success.

Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

Mastery Without the Price Tag
Here, your commitment is your currency. Dive into the fray, farm for your gear, and build an arsenal without spending a dime.

Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

Prove Your Fighting Prowess
With your crafted gear, face off against formidable foes in electrifying battles. Test the strength of your creations and your strategic skills.

Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

Continuous Growth
Your knight’s journey doesn’t pause; training and battling go on, even when you’re away. Return to a stronger warrior, ready for more challenges.

Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

Embark on Quests and Conquests
Explore quests for valuable items and coins across 8 stats. Accept the challenge to test your equipment and skills in the face of adversity.

Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

Attractive Allies for Battle
Not just for show, your charismatic companions are both a visual treat and a tactical boon in battles. Choose your allies wisely to gain the upper hand.

Available: Google Play / App Store – PH, VN

Self-Service Knight : idle RPG

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