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Skeletal Conquest

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Skeletal Conquest (by Rita Wang)

The Skeletal Conquest is officially launched!
‖ Launch Time ‖ 10:00 (GMT+8), April 12, 2024

You will play as a rookie skeleton, the one who must build a graveyard, strengthen gear, and study spells until he’s able to summon 999,999,999,999 compatriots!
Will the world’s future be filled with darkness or be destroyed by light?
The road to an end starts right here…

Skeletal Conquest

5 steps to dominate the world (gameplay introduction):

Building a skeleton “”production”” line (a manual job)
Build tombstones and resurrect all the dead… into skeletons! The more tombstones you make, the more skeletons you will get. The bigger the hole you dig, the faster get more warriors! Recruiting skeletons is that easy!

Skeletal Conquest

Arm skeletons to the teeth (even though they have all fallen out)

Pick up the clothes drying racks, toilet pegs, and light sticks left by humans… and use them as weapons!
The skeletons use these materials to make five types of equipment: bows, swords, bombs, staffs, and daggers for professional use. After defeating the Legion, they can seize the materials for strengthening and upgrading. As their power becomes stronger, their appearance will also change.

Skeletal Conquest

Perform cosplay (everyone loves beauty)

Skeletons love human animations, movies, and games so much that they invented dozens of cosplay costumes. When the skeletons change clothes, the afterlife becomes more colorful.

Skeletal Conquest

Learn magic (knowledge is power)

You can learn spells that an enemy has used once! Elemental, Deadly, Summoning spells… Over 20 different combinations! Flexibility in spell timing is the key to victory.

Skeletal Conquest

Conquer heroes (make them become your tools)

After defeating the heroes of humans, orcs, and elves, turn them into servant heroes! When the strength reaches a certain level, the undead awakening form can be activated, and the battle power will be dramatically increased.

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Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO, PH

Skeletal Conquest

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