Soul 7


Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ソウル7:闘羅大陸 (by FINGERFUN PTE. LTD.)

Just check back every day to get a deluxe item! Chance to get up to 250 free gach!
Those who take part in this open beta will receive deluxe rewards such as exclusive avatar frames, diamonds, coins, and more after the official release!

The super popular novel “The Continent of Douluo” is now available as an in-game app!
An adventure story in which a boy reincarnated into another world full of soul, pursues love and friendship, explores the world and grows.

Enjoy the thrilling strike action battle!
Pull and teleport your character! Defeat the enemy!
One-time U-turn with “teleportation” and “special move”! Bright battle with simple controls!

ソウル7:闘羅大陸 - 異世界王道RPG×迎撃型アクションゲーム

The key to victory is being organized!
Raise unique characters! Strive for a population of 100,000,000!
Over 100 skill combinations and a wide range of professions are the key to victory!

ソウル7:闘羅大陸 - 異世界王道RPG×迎撃型アクションゲーム

Conquer the BOSS with your friends!
BOSS appears for a limited time! BOSS on the hunt with friends!
Lead everyone (the elite) as the leader of the alliance and conquer the server!

ソウル7:闘羅大陸 - 異世界王道RPG×迎撃型アクションゲーム

Full repeat items
Wide range of PVP systems! Hone your skills and strive for the first place in the rankings!
Logbo, Beginner Bo, Stadium Bonus, Power Bonus, Lots of Rewards!

ソウル7:闘羅大陸 - 異世界王道RPG×迎撃型アクションゲーム

Official website

ソウル7:闘羅大陸 - 異世界王道RPG×迎撃型アクションゲーム
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