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Ghost Case

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ghost Case (by Dark Dome)

20 years ago there was a horrible murder in Hidden Town, and the murderer was never caught. In recent days, detective Ren Larsen has received strange messages from the afterlife. Apparently the souls of the victims cannot rest in peace and want to be heard. They need the person responsible to pay for what he did. Ren has a bad feeling but decides to reopen the case and solve the mystery. Will he be able to find the murderer?

Ghost Case

The Ghost Case is the fourth episode of the Hidden Town escape game series. You will have to go through different parts of the city investigating and looking for clues that will help you solve the mysterious case. Interview the suspects involved and discover the murderer.

All the Dark Dome games can be played in any order, among them there are connections that will take us through various paths until we unveil all the mysteries of Hidden Town. This game has a direct connection to The Girl in the Window and then Haunted Laia.

– What you will find in this game:

A map with which you can explore various points of the city. You can visit the murder house, the asylum, the cemetery, the police station, the magic shop and the houses of Dan and Mia’s friends, within all these places you can find a lot of puzzles and brain teasers.

Ghost Case

An intriguing and suspenseful interactive story. Develop your detective skills to the maximum to find the murderer.

Grim, detailed art and a great selection of music will make you feel like you’re in a thriller.

Ghost Case

Two different endings that will depend on the decisions you make at the right time.

An alternate achievement: Find all 9 owls hidden throughout the entire game. They can be in the least expected place, so look for them everywhere.

A detailed hint system in case you need help at any time. They will guide you to continue with the adventure.

Ghost Case

– Premium version:
The Premium Version contains a secret scene where you can play a side story of Hidden Town with additional puzzles and riddles. By purchasing this version you will have access to this scene and, in addition, all ads in the game will be removed. That is, you will be able to see all the hints directly without seeing ads.

– How to play:
Like in a classic point and click game, interact with objects and characters in the environment by touching them. Use the inventory items on game objects or combine them to create a new item to help you continue on the adventure. Put your wits to the test and solve the puzzles and riddles.

Ghost Case
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