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Soul Land 2 (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – IOS

💡Platform – Android(Tap)

The description of Soul Land 2 (by Beijing WeiYouHuDong)

The combination of spirit and spirit ring is the foundation of every spirit master;

The choice of countless kinds of spirit rings has laid the path for the spirit master!

The martial spirit of each aborigines is destined,

The spirit ring can be freely absorbed in growth and experience

The fighting style of each soul master is born from this, making every battle ever-changing

There are only powerful soul masters, and no martial souls without waste!


The adventure of the young soul master is about to begin…, the stars representing destiny rise and shine in the night sky of the Star Dou Great Forest!

“Douluo Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen” is the first 3D-MMORPG mobile game authorized by the original novel, which truly restores the mountains and rivers of the Douluo Continent and creates an immersive world of martial arts. Players will randomly awaken spirits in the game, hunt spirit beast forests, absorb spirit rings, match spirit skills, and embark on the path of their own spirit masters.


【Open plot】

Set aside the traditional mode, let players explore freely in the game and embark on their own path of growth.

[Random Awakening Martial Soul]

The game has a variety of martial arts. Players who first enter the game will awaken their own martial arts in the awakening ceremony.


[Autonomously absorb spirit ring]

Players who have awakened the same spirit can also have completely different spirit abilities. Players can determine their own combat methods by absorbing different spirit rings.


【Hunting Soul Beast Forest】

In the game, players can call friends, chase dreams side by side, hunt the mysterious soul beast forest, challenge the ten thousand year soul beast, or explore the legendary Sea God Island and find the way to become a god!

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