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SoulEater: Ultimate control fighting action game!

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The description of SoulEater

Ultimate control fighting action game!!The boss must strategically avoid and attack!!Monsters attack with infinite combos!!

Even the fun of classic arcade games as a child is guaranteed!!


-Fighting action game that you can enjoy freely from down attack to floating attack!
-Infinite batters and infinite combos you’ve never seen before!


-The adventure journey of the soul predators and the hidden secret!
-Stories that unravel one by one in a quest!


Mask collection system
-Explosive punch from a big chunk. – Lambast-
-The all-around class that uses both close attack and long range shooting. –Phaedra-
-Bagle girl using a long sickle to engage in mid-range battles. –Reaper-

Buff system
-The character I had raised before gives me a combat buff.
-Even unapplied masks give combat buffs.

Various contents
-Discover mines, wanderers, and monster corps through the search system!
-Legion battle with friends.
-Global arena that will prove your strength!

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