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Starborne: Frontiers

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Starborne: Frontiers (by SolidClouds ehf.)

On the edge of colonized space, far from the familiar worlds of Earth and Mars, something has gone horribly right. A black void of twisted space known as the Abyss has opened without warning. It’s unlike anything the galaxy has ever seen, and everyone wants a piece. Step into the Commander’s chair to take your shot at the prize, in a sci-fi gacha RPG that will pit your tactical skills against the galaxy’s best…and its worst.

Starborne: Frontiers
Starborne: Frontiers

Set 400 years in the future, Starborne: Frontiers is a multiplatform RPG that combines the best aspects of auto battlers with squad-based tactics. From the ever-growing Atlas Corporation, to the Zealot Pirates of XAOC, to the Immortal “Children” of Everliving, everyone on the Frontier has their own story. To prove yourself you’ll have to uncover their plots and establish your dominance by defeating the best they have to throw at you.

Starborne: Frontiers

Build and command a fleet of spaceships up to the task. Customize their equipment and learn to use their unique abilities to truly make them a force to be reckoned with.

Starborne: Frontiers

Face unique challenges that will require you to use all your knowledge and experience to defeat your enemies. Discover the mysterious Anomalies, and take on Bounties to test your mettle against unique boss encounters.

Starborne: Frontiers
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– Complete your fleet with over 90 unique recruitable spaceships, each with their own combat abilities.
– Master creating tactical formations with an engaging auto battler system where placement is everything.
– Experiment with thousands of possible equipment loadouts for your ships to create your ideal battle squadron.
– Battle through a challenging 10 chapter campaign, filled with twists and unique enemies.
– Challenge other players and prove your dominance in the PvP arena.
– Explore the mysterious Abyss, learning its secrets and fighting for valuable loot.
– Form alliances with other players to take on larger and more valuable targets, then reap the rewards.

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Starborne: Frontiers

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