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Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG (by SANTICUM INTERNATIONAL LTD)

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like no other with Street Conquest MMO! This location-based RPG game immerses you in a thrilling fantasy world right outside your doorstep.
Street Conquest is a real life RPG multiplayer game that uses your geolocation to create the virtual setting, letting you explore and conquer your city.
In this fascinating game with RPG elements, you can construct buildings, fight creatures, defeat rival players, collect gold, upgrade your character, and expand your territory to conquer every inch of your city. Street Conquest’s exciting PvP gameplay will keep you entertained for hours and encourage you to get to know your city better!

Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG


In Street Conquest MMO PvE, your aim is to conquer as much of your city as possible. To achieve this, you will need to:

– Construct and upgrade your buildings to get much-needed resources.
– Destroy your enemies. PvE gameplay gives you a brilliant opportunity to fight wild creatures roaming around and challenge rival players.
– Build up and train your squad. Train various units that will help you collect resources, win battles, repair buildings, and defend your territories.
– Create your own weapon. Your staff is your main weapon in the game. Seek and equip rare runes to upgrade it and become even mightier.
– Find and steal resources. Find resources on the map, collect gold from your buildings, or steal them from other players. However, keep in mind that they can do this too, so be on your guard.
– Interact with other players. This MMO game allows you to interact with other online players around you, whether to make strategic alliances or hamper each other’s progress.

Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG

Special Features

– Character customization. Street Conquest’s RPG elements let you choose what your character will look like, and you can make them look cool with our numerous customization options.
– Character upgrade. Keep track of your character’s stats, gain experience, and level them up.
– Geolocation feature. The map of this fantasy world is based on the map of your actual location. Construct buildings in the streets you walk every day and claim your neighborhood for yourself.
– MMO feature. Keep track of all online players not only in your city, but in your whole country. Steal their gold, ruin their buildings, or walk another path and create alliances to defeat monsters and defend your territories together.

Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG


– Play from home. Street Conquest allows you to navigate and explore the world without having to leave your home.
– Get ready for a challenge. Not everything is as simple as it seems. To make progress in the PvE game, you will need to thoroughly explore the map.
– Collect precious items. The Street Conquest MMO game features a huge amount of powerful items, including runes to boost your staff, potions to heal your character or enhance their abilities, and squad units to help you with various tasks.

Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG

Come Play

Street Conquest is a groundbreaking MMO game that features RPG elements, takes the best of location-based games, and creates an experience that is as exciting as it sounds. Download now and prepare to embark on an epic adventure that will leave rival gamers trembling in their boots! Are you ready to claim victory on the streets?

Street Conquest: Map MMO / RPG

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