Sword and Dragon

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 劍與魔龍 (by IFUN NET LIMITED)

2022 super popular and elaborate planning is coming! Let you redefine the new gameplay of MMO.
The epic magic mobile game has been upgraded to create a 100% end-game experience. The palace-level Western 3D magic masterpiece “Sword and Dragon” has a new start.
Hurry up and set foot on the fantasy new continent, incarnate as a savior, fight off the evil dragons, gain the power of the evil dragons, grow through the levels, awaken the supreme power to disperse the eternal night army of the dark family!

At the beginning of the birth of the world, the evil dark dragon was sealed at the end of the continent, but it never gave up its ambition to regain its freedom and conquer the world. This is a peaceful and stable world.
And you, as the Dragon Guard Master, got the inheritance of the True Dragon, and you are the key person who saves the world!
Running out of time! Please get ready to go to the end of the mainland, so that the world can witness Longguang!

Game Features

Open world endless exploration
3D scene modeling, all-round non-locked perspective, textured characters, bring ancient mounts, freely explore the magical world, and gallop in the new world smoothly and without pressure.

Classic career multiple transfer
The three classic occupations are exquisite and meticulous, with high-degree-of-freedom action switching, the release of cool and powerful moves to break the lore in seconds, the screen-shattering madness, and the personalized custom artifacts, etc., super-burning monsters are not to be missed.

Free Dress Up Streamer Wings
There are thousands of people and thousands of faces, and the ever-changing styles can be matched to show your personality. A variety of clothing accessories, powerful equipment, and appearances allow you to enjoy the ultimate gorgeous aesthetics brought by the ultra-high-degree-of-freedom dressing experience.

The strongest alliance, so dare you to come
A super exciting start with massive drops of secret treasures, meet good brothers with blood, form groups freely with your companions, enjoy the ultimate battle at your fingertips, challenge the BOSS at will, and win the highest glory!

Heaven and God advance together to save the continent
The cute and pet gods of the mounts will appear coolly and develop together. They will be fettered on the battlefield, and they will be followed closely to give gentle guardians.

Cross-server competition at the touch of a button
The dynamic camera creates an unprecedented sense of battle presence. The lively battle brings a heavy sense of blow. Instantly breaks and kills in seconds, cross-server PVP gameplay and free team formation, and the battle experience has reached a new peak!

Social system Super many ways to play
The rich interactive system cooperates with a variety of dungeon gameplay, making friends, falling in love, getting married, etc., while experiencing the game, you can also experience the real life, and you can play the heartbeat skills.

Buddha heart hang up, easy upgrade
Free your hands, you don’t need to open the game, you can still enjoy the super high income brought by the battle when you hang up offline, countless copies drop a large number of artifacts and equipment, and the exciting speed up will bring you a super refreshing upgrade.

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Available: Google Play – HK, TW

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