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The End of the World and Moon Knife M (TW)

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💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of 天涯明月刀 M (by Garena International)

“The End of the World and Moon Knife M” interprets the top performance in MMORPG mobile games, with magnificent light and shadow scenes like a scroll, a face-squeezing system with the finest fine-tuning values, and a smooth combo of battles between the eight sects and a vast open world. Allow you to explore the huge plot of one plant, one tree, multiple branches and multiple endings. The ending is up to you. Fighting, cooking, fishing, hunting, building, or wandering freely, your choice has no boundaries. My world is not only martial arts!

Martial arts competition   a smooth battle
The combat experience full of strategy and strike, the Bahuangmen party final test combo skills, and a variety of PVE and PVP modes allow you to enjoy a fun battle!

天涯明月刀 M - Garena

Variety of pinching face   meticulous beauty
With more than 600 parameters, you can fine-tune your face, hairstyle, body shape, makeup, and truly create a thousand faces, and you will never hit your face on the road!

天涯明月刀 M - Garena

Extreme picture   open world
The beautiful scenes with broad sea and sky, picturesque mountains and rivers, real-time changes, detailed expressions of day and night and light and shadow, in this vast world, hunting, fishing, cooking, and playing with cats are all up to you!

天涯明月刀 M - Garena

Huge plot   changing fate against the sky
Every corner of the world of Tianya Mingyue Blade M, there are moving stories waiting for you to trigger. Every choice you make can change the direction of the world. The multi-branch and multi-end system allows you to change the ending of the story!

天涯明月刀 M - Garena

Exclusive mansion   free construction
The vast hinterland is waiting for you to develop it yourself. Every flower and every building is set up by you. In this world, everyone has their own piece of heaven and earth!

天涯明月刀 M - Garena

Enriching social   heartbeat everywhere
Gang guilds, Yijie Jinlan, intimate social relations, and making a group of real partners in a parallel time and space. Isn’t that enough? You can even attack your favorite NPC!

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天涯明月刀 M - Garena
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