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Transmute 2: Space Survivor – Global

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Transmute 2: Space Survivor (by GCenter)

Following the success of Part 1 of the space shooting game named Transmute: Galaxy Battle, we hereby present to fans of the game genre Shoot’em Up – Space Shooting of Version 2 of Transmute: Galaxy Battle. Following the adventure in space of space commanders and fleets, in this version 2, the battle with the monsters in space becomes even more fierce. In the midst of vast space, space exploration becomes a battle for survival in space. With the battle skills accumulated in version 1, hopefully the space fleet will win this battle for survival.
Command space fleets to fight against space monsters for survival in the universe.

Transmute 2: Space Survivor - Global


– Players equip two spaceships to the battle. Each spaceship will have its own properties suitable for different battle
– Various enemies with different levels. Challenge players’ skills to the fullest in boss battles.
– Many levels, many challenges that are constantly updated.

– Many types of unique-designed spaceships. Players can customize, with rich combinations. – Upgrade powerful aircraft
– Many auxiliary equipment to help the aircraft increase its combat ability.
– Diverse missions and attractive rewards.
– Various maps in space.
– High-quality visuals and sounds take players into the deep universe.

Transmute 2: Space Survivor - Global

– Touch and move on the screen to avoid enemy attacks and Shoot them up.
– Touch to change the fighter to suit the combat situation. The special attack feature when transforming will help players overcome difficult traps.
– Collect ammo and items to equip and upgrade aircraft.
– Flexible use of auxiliary features in times of danger or when encountering dangerous enemies.

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