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Tribal Secret Realm

Official Launch(TW, HK) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 部落秘境 (by Electronic Soul)

“Tribal Secret Realm” is a fantasy adventure strategy RPG mobile game. As the “Originator”, the player is summoned by the strange girl Jiusi to a primitive continent, and travels through the tribal secrets full of alien civilizations; together with the beast mothers and partners of the six major tribes, they start a journey of alien civilizations in this mysterious continent Big adventure.

[Six Great Tribes, Fantasy Adventure of Alien Civilization] Text plot + background
A planet in a tribal civilization, a mysterious and fantastic ancient continent, has six tribes: the ape, the giant elephant, the civet, the Tibetan fox, the wild crocodile, and the white crow, and all kinds of beast mothers and partners… Breaking through the boundaries of time and space, different civilizations collide The next spark, the story of a million words will take you on an adventure full of surprises and excitement in the continent of Lushida.


Strategic battlefield, free formation of various professional card groups
Fast-paced strategic battles, seven occupations of attack, guardian, mage, light, darkness, summoning, and healing, with nearly a hundred characters. In the battle, you can freely match your character lineup, plan and use the battle card group, and choose the timing of different characters to play. Reasonable use of pre-battle and in-battle strategies, surprise and win in the clan war!


Taming cute pets, hundreds of guardian beasts bless and help
All kinds of guardian beasts help out, domineering lions, honest pandas, lonely wolves, and rare guardian beasts such as salamanders and octopuses are waiting for players to domesticate. Feeding and training are further strengthened to cultivate the strongest cute beasts. Take them on an adventure, adapt to the situation, adjust the guardian beast camp flexibly, trigger a joint attack with your partner in the battle, and maximize the gain.


Full character dynamic vertical drawing, immersive interactive experience
High-quality Live2D animal girl portraits, heroic tiger girl, lively and lovely rabbit girl, dark and sexy crow girl, different styles of tribal animal girls and partners interact closely with players in the game, increase their favorability, and unlock them Special interactions such as more information, actions, voices, and even exclusive titles can establish deep bonds and create exclusive memories with them.


Innovative AI, customized exclusive dynamic home
The unique dynamic home system invites all kinds of beast mothers to build homes with their partners. Farming, alchemy, mining, enjoy the primitive tribal life. Learn magic, compete with partners, and experience the collision of different civilizations. On the Lushida continent, walk with your partners and build a unique tribal home with your own hands.


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