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Twilight Hero

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Twilight Hero

It was twilight and the morning light was faint. In a world invaded by darkness, the brave men of the four races gathered together and launched continuous attacks through the endless night. Players will form their own legions and enter deep into Munshon for trials. As their strength continues to increase, the horror hidden in the shadows gradually reveals its true colours…

Game features:

Dark hand-drawn world
The unforgettable art style outlines the vast and mysterious world. The strong visual impact brings high level of tension and excitement.

Twilight Hero

Relaxing Journey
No complicated operations nor complex systems. You can enjoy the fun of leisure and adventures at the very tip or your fingers.

Twilight Hero

Experience strategic combat
Original formation gameplay let the battles full of possibilities and allows the weak to win the strong, from where the table turns.

Twilight Hero

Abundance of gameplay features
There are more than ten kinds of simulative routes for you to improve your combat power in all directions. There are also a variety of mini-games keeping your adventures from being monotonous.

Twilight Hero

In-depth interactive system
Make friends, face powerful enemies together with your guild and break through yourself by the challenges in the arena.

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Twilight Hero
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