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UnHoly Adventure

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of UnHoly Adventure (by Dali Games)

If you like point and click adventure puzzle mystery games and narrative games with story mode – you’ve come to the right place.

UnHoly Neighborhood is a point and click adventure game, free to play with hundreds of storyline riddles and puzzles.

Each of our adventure point and click narrative story games are packed with mystery games and secret stories.

In the world of point and click adventure games horror UnHoly Neighborhood will offer you a unique experience of story-rich adventure with surreal and creepy levels.

UnHoly Adventure

Our point-and-click adventure games 2020 had a lot to offer, but UnHoly Neighborhood will charm you with its story games. We love choice-based narrative games, and in UnHoly Neighborhood, we had put focus on creating classic point and click adventure with a dark riddle of the gloomy neighborhood.

UnHoly Adventure

If you like spooky games, meet Peter Grim, the main character of UnHoly Neighborhood – in the opinion of hundreds of players, the best mystery point and click adventure game 2021 so far.

Screenshot UnHoly Adventure

Who kidnapped Peter’s wife? What is this strange storm about? Why giant rats took over the city? You will discover these secrets in our free epic story mode adventure game.

UnHoly Adventure

Embark on a dangerous adventure full of secret stories, riddles and puzzles, to save Peter’s wife, in a surreal world full of retro atmosphere and unforgettable characters. Trust us – this storybased point and click adventure will be remembered for a long time. It’s not just another hidden objects games for free or creepypasta games.

If you are looking for story rich adventure UnHoly Neighborhood has the craziest and most surreal levels to offer you:
mysterious, gloomy city, full of creepy zombie and scary games better than any crime scene investigation
epic apartment full of retro games and puzzle games with riddles
mesmerizing electronics store with unexplained secret stories
dangerous city sewers overrun by mutant giant rats with hidden object adventure

UnHoly Adventure
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