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Urban Crooks

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Urban Crooks

Enter the city of San Gracas, the hub of corruption and gang warfare, occupied by crooks and low lives, leading its inhabitants to adapt or break bad.

Experience a top-down, multiplayer shooter, with fast paced fights like never seen before in the top down genre, featuring:
– Hectic 5v5 Team Deathmatches.
– Intense Free-For-All Battles.
– Party up with your friends, across different platforms, and join battles together.

Urban Crooks
Urban Crooks

– Tactical combat using an innovative cover system and dash ability.
– Play in 5 different areas in the city of San Gracas.
– Configurable controller support, using the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and most Android compatible controllers.
– Build your own unique loadouts from unlockable weapons, perks and grenades.

Urban Crooks
Urban Crooks

– Level up your profile and keep track of your stats, such as K/D ratio and collected medals.
– Play as one of several characters, each with a unique story.
– Customise your player card and kill messages to leave a mark on your victims.
– Pick a death ghost, because let’s face it, you will die, might as well haunt your killers.
– Purchase cosmetics from the rotating in-game store.

Urban Crooks
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