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War of Myths: The Magic Era

Soft Launch – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of War of Myths: The Magic Era (by AN Games Co., Ltd)

Enter the world of War of Myth, the ultimate 3D cartoon style MMO 4x strategy game, where you can recruit mythical heroes and build your own magic kingdom! Compete with other players and save the world from darkness by becoming the lord of the wizarding world.

Long ago, the world tree rose in the peaceful kingdom of Ardonia, and with its power, King Theon and the wizards led the kingdom to dazzling prosperity. However, the wizard of darkness, Balder, coveted the forbidden power, and his dark magic gradually poisoned the World Tree. As the lord of the kingdom, you must purify the world by collecting the essence of the scattered World Tree. Now, the fate of the kingdom is in your hands!

Gathering of mythical heroes!
Unleash the full might of the World Tree and summon legendary heroes from across the ages! With the power to call forth heroes like Thor, Loki, Zeus, Amaterasu, and Seimei, you will have an army of mythical champions at your command. Each hero possesses their own unique abilities, ready to assist you in your quest for total domination. And with our RPG-style skill system and talent tree, you will be able to foster and develop your heroes’ abilities, making them even stronger as they rise to the challenge.

War of Myths: The Magic Era

The core of strategy, magic research!
Welcome to Ardonia, a kingdom of arcane wonders and powerful magic! Unlock the secrets of this enchanted land by collecting spell books and conducting cutting-edge magical research. With the power of admin magic, you can help the kingdom flourish and reach new heights of prosperity. And on the battlefield, there is no need to fear inferiority when you wield the awesome might of battle magic. But remember you must prepare powerful spells and use them with strategic cunning to survive in Ardonia.

War of Myths: The Magic Era

Defense mode to challenge the limit!
Are you ready to test your limits? Take on the ultimate challenge with our defense-style campaign mode! Endless waves of enemies are threatening to overrun your city, and only quick thinking and expert use of magic can turn the tide. Win the tower defense war with your own defense strategy. The higher you go, the better rewards you can get!

War of Myths: The Magic Era

Real-time strategy plays with a high degree of freedom!
Prepare for a truly immersive RTS experience with our cutting-edge real-time free movement system. With the ability to issue new orders to your armies on the fly, you’ll enjoy unprecedented strategic freedom and flexibility. Take your place at the helm of your forces and command them with lightning-fast precision, adapting to every changing situation with ease. And with our ‘detailed battlefield view’, you will be able to monitor the action in real-time and make tactical decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

War of Myths: The Magic Era

Alliance system to share the glory!
In the treacherous kingdom of Ardonia, alliances are key to survival – and our full alliance feature has everything you need to forge powerful partnerships with your allies. With live chat functionality and built-in translation, you will be able to communicate with your allies in real-time, no matter what language they speak. Plus, our officer roles and map indicators make it easy to coordinate strategies and work together seamlessly. Join forces with your fellow players to conquer new territories, expand your power, and dominate the battlefield. In Ardonia, the strongest alliances reign supreme – so team up and prepare to conquer all who stand in your way! Discover countless bases waiting to be seized and unlocked throughout the Kingdom of Ardonia, ranging from age-old ruins to towering imperial castles!

Available: Google Play – PH, ID, TH, etc…

Icon War of Myths: The Magic Era

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