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Wits of Gods

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Wits of Gods (by Playbest Limited)

Wits of Gods is a multiplayer online tactical card game. Also, this to be a turn-based CCG game with zero deck building. The game will have cards based on the deities and creatures in myths and legends from all around the world. You can build up your own card collection and use these cards in a match.

We have already prepared a demo version that is ready for playing. Open Beta Test for Wits of Gods will be available on Mar. 17th, the game brings you strategic card battle mode with exquisite 3D graphics! While it still needs more work, we can’t wait to share our progress with you!

Team-Up Duel
Multiplayer battle, no more 1v1! Team battle is not for only one, try your best with your teammate! Supports more than 4 players, enjoy gaming time!

Wits of Gods

Original Card Game
No deck building, shared deck in each game. Not only strategy but luck! Easy rules to understand, quick battle quick win!

Wits of Gods

Hundreds of Deities
Hundreds of deities from all over the world to collect! Choose your favorite to win battle!

Wits of Gods

Pet Assistance
Creatures in myths and legends to help you in each game! Play at most 3 cards with the same Suit or Rank at once to trigger the Power of most kind of Pet card.

We’re so happy you’re here! Thanks for joining the first public test of “Wits of Gods”. The gameplay and content are not yet final, and we hope to complete the game with all players. We value your feedback and will continue to improve the game based on suggestions.


Wits of Gods
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