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Yggdrasil Champions

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

✔ Languages: Chinese

The description of 玛娜树下的英雄们 (by Narx game)

This is a world full of “unknowns”, and “rifts” appear from time to time to challenge people.
Countless “seekers” hope to gain enough knowledge to peek into the world – even if the world does not reveal its true face to mortals so easily.


You are the most special one among them,
At least that’s what the girl in front of you calls you when you wake up from a long sleep – the first and final “seeker”,
A completely different truth will be revealed to the world.


When the past lost in time reappears, the superstitious “known” is overturned;
The blessing of bloodline has become an inescapable curse, and the “unknown” is still elusive——

Seeker, is this the end of your search?


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