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Zak & Wowo

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zak & Wowo (by Oona)

The free-to-play action and adventure game from the animated film “Zak & Wowo: The legend of Lendarys” is available on mobile.

In a magical universe with green landscapes, embody Wowo, a pachyderm accidentally reduced to a tiny size by his friend Zak. Build your own little village and welcome your wowoshopacks friends, whom you will save from the hands of the wizzymons, aggressive creatures. Meanwhile, help Zak find fragments of his memories that he suddenly lost after fighting the wizzymons.

Zak & Wowo

The principle? Build your village and welcome the wowoshopacks:
· Start your buildings, improve your buildings, weapons and tools, buy seeds.
· Maintain your garden, grow and harvest your vegetables.

Zak & Wowo

· Use hazelnuts to buy and sell resources.
· Explore, complete quests and fight the wizzymons to save the wowoshopacks!

Zak & Wowo

· Meet NaïNaï, Zak’s grandmother, who will help you find Zak’s memories by revealing images from the film.
· And discover new characters throughout the adventure.

Zak & Wowo

Do you like exploration, construction, and combat games? Then download this free game now and discover the world of Zak & Wowo with your own eyes before the movie comes out.

Zak & Wowo

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