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Aether of Fantasy

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 에테르 오브 판타지 (by Ujoy Games)

Small cracks in the vast and beautiful continent
In the continental calendar 611, about 300 years after the reign of the royal family, the balance between the royal family and the nobility gradually collapses, and the ambitions of the central nobles are revealed little by little. As a result, unknown things began to happen on the peaceful continent.

The resurrection of demons and the crisis of the continent!
The demons who were previously sealed in the abyss due to the war of the gods are cracking the seal one by one, and citizens complaining that they have witnessed the demons all over the continent. The kingdom in danger recruits adventurers to defeat the demons through the Adventurers Association!

Battle beyond the traditional MMORPG
A fierce battlefield felt in large-scale guild battles! “Before Occupation”
Fierce battles with huge bosses to become stronger! “Boss Raid”
Feel the battlefield beyond fierce battles through colorful content!

에테르 오브 판타지

Vast content to fill your fantasy
Limited content updated every week for you!
Experience endless fun with massive updates that never get boring!

에테르 오브 판타지

Hand taste that goes beyond the pleasure of hunting
You can acquire ancient weapons and armor from all contents such as fields, bosses, and raids without restrictions. Go beyond simple hunting for nurturing and experience the true taste of the product!

에테르 오브 판타지

Various pets and battle mates
Unleash your own strategy by combining attractive battle mates with powerful skills and pets that show various appearances with different mysterious skills and attributes and 3-step evolution!

에테르 오브 판타지

Healing content to fill your heart
Experience a different kind of fun from battle with various healing contents, such as a feed function that allows you to communicate by uploading your voice and posts, and a marriage function that allows you to find your own soul mate!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

에테르 오브 판타지
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