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Combat Wombat: Competitive Match-3

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The description of Combat Wombat: Competitive Match-3

Collect and evolve your heroes! Battle other players in a game of Match-3 PvP using heroes possessing unique abilities, each with their own strength and weakness!

Use skills to protect your own team, assault and attack the enemy, or choose to disrupt your enemy and make their lives HARD! The combination is yours to make!

Combat Wombat: Competitive Match-3

Combat Wombat is a game of high competitive and hero team expansion game where players form hero teams to battle each other out using a shared Match-3 tile board.

Combat Wombat: Competitive Match-3

With the motto of “It’s like Candy Crush, but you crush your friends”. The core of the game is to battle other players by outmaneuvering them on a shared Match-3 tile board, collecting and upgrading heroes and weapons to form strong teams that would give the player an upper-hand.

Challenge your friend in this unique Match-3 Puzzle game

Combat Wombat is still in development and updates will be implemented on a monthly basis

Combat Wombat: Competitive Match-3
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