Darkane: Monster Hunt GPS RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Darkane: Monster Hunt GPS RPG (by TERAHYPE – AR)

Become a legendary monster slayer hero in a new GPS location-based RPG game. Battle fantasy dragons with a blade of your sword in the real world and visit new parts of your city through this geocaching roleplaying games.

Darkane AR GPS game is a brand new GO RPG game where you as a monster slayer will fight a wolf, dragon boss, and more monsters or beasts. Equip the best armor, gear up blade sword, and go explore your whole city like in geo caching. You can expect the ultimate fantasy world story full of shadow legends, raiding with friends, and immortal monsters. The world is your map and you are a knight paladin who slays dark and evil monsters. Turn on your GPS location services and start a new endless classic role-playing knighthood experience with a boss character monster.

Start the adventure in the Darkane world and help defeat all beasts and evil monsters. Our world, kingdom and the king need your knight monster slayer character. Your paladin is the divinity knight with great arcane powers so go and become immortal legends in all fate fantasy stories.

Play from home or go for a walk and play the most advanced AR GPS location go game experience. Hunt monster in the city, defeat a giant dragon during your morning run, or raid a dangerous elder dungeon in the real world in the Darkane geolocation game. Experience the real augmented reality knighthood. The darkest dungeon turn based gps game in Darkane oblivion dimension.

Darkane: Monster Hunt GPS RPG

Darkane comes to a group of new RPG games with unique turn-based combat like in classic turnbased jRPG. Go out and fight monster dragon bosses, turn by turn close to victory. Use a health potion or elder scroll from a spellbook, also attack by sword or wand, and don’t forget to use your shield. Keep calm and use your role play style to defeat all dark soul monsters.

Darkane: Monster Hunt GPS RPG

Open the dungeon gate and enter the caves full of dark souls like a dungeon crawler. Expect ultimate raid challenge also as an AR game. The final treasure is hidden behind the black dragon and skeleton. True location RPG adventure game quest is starting now. Arcane spell power casts fireball but immortal skeletons are alive. Enjoy the full feature hack and slash slay dungeon challenge.

Darkane: Monster Hunt GPS RPG

Loot and equip the rare and epic weapons and armors. Raid monster to loot, open chests and find your treasure. Collect resources for potion in your city in a great GPS Game. Our world is endless so go for a walk and collect a sword, axe, bow, arcane, and mana potions. The blade is bound to the knight and his divinity, your legendary warrior or wizard is prepared to slay more weapons. True hardcore exploration RPG turn based game. Your knighthood and divinity are waiting, become monster hunter and slayer now!

Stunning 3D graphics experience
Mighty arcane spells & Magic books
AR augmented reality game experience
Level up your hero’s knighthood and divinity
A unique combination of hack & slash and geolocation
Awesome GPS Game

Discord community: https://discord.gg/Tkgj8FCvg2
Facebook’s community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/darkane

Darkane: Monster Hunt GPS RPG

Created by ©PalmassGames

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