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Dead Stand

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dead Stand (by Playstel)

Foolish people inhabited our flat Earth in dark times. The people of the television era never believed in the Big Gun.

“The war destroyed your faith”. That is what my grandfather said before he was executed for disbelief.

Dead Stand

I’m pulling a Big Gun on the man who doesn’t have one. And he gives me everything. Including the frass of sacred bugs from a Little Gun Witnesses cult.

Remember, child, you must fight people, who think their Big Gun is bigger than yours. Now go and prove them wrong!

Dead Stand


Open World: The first season takes place in a post-nuclear town. Players can enter any house and find useful stuff.

Realtime Action: Cloud servers in 15 world regions allow players to fight each other with minimal latency in any country.

Dead Stand

Narrative: Collect the story piece by piece by talking to the characters and unlocking new locations.

Hundreds of Items: 7 weapon classes and more than 200 items. Part of them is unlocked through the Battle Pass.

Dead Stand

Custom Character: 5 classes of items for character customization. Combine them and create your own individual hero!

Play with Friends: Cooperate with friends, send invitations, subscribe to the best players, and look for yourself on the leaderboards.

Dead Stand
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