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Disney Frozen Royal Castle – Global Release

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Disney Frozen Royal Castle (by Budge Studios)

The world of Disney Frozen comes to life in this fun-filled doll house game, Disney Frozen Royal Castle!
Parents can have fun with kids while playing with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and other Frozen characters, as they dress
up, cook, and explore!
Featuring content from the beloved films, kids can customize and play in their very own royal doll house, allowing
them to express their creativity and imagination.

Players can explore the Great Hall, the Kitchen, the Fragrance Suite, and interact with many items in each room

Disney Frozen Royal Castle

There are all kinds of Frozen fashions to try on! Kids can customize outfits for Anna, Elsa, Kristoff & other Frozen
dolls or create unique pieces using an interactive clothing designer!

Disney Frozen Royal Castle

There are plenty of delicious foods with flavorful ingredients to mix and match in the kitchen! Kids can bake a
cake, make a salad & cook many more creative recipes! It’s time for a royal feast!

Disney Frozen Royal Castle

There are so many unique fragrances to create in the Fragrance Suite. Help try new combinations by mixing and
matching the various ingredients and colors.

Disney Frozen Royal Castle

Fun kids’ game designed for girls & boys, based on the beloved Disney Frozen films. This interactive Disney
Frozen game is easy and fun to play for children aged 4-11. Parents and other family members can play along,

Disney Frozen Royal Castle

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