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Dongli Sword Journey M

Official Launch(CN) + APK

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The description of 東離劍遊紀 M (by HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited)

Game Introduction
“Dongli Sword Journey M” is a fantasy martial arts ARPG mobile game adapted from the classic IP “Thunderbolt Fantasy Dongli Sword Journey” by Thunderbolt × Xu Yuanxuan (NITRO PLUS). The 3D technology reproduces the adventure stories of Shang Bu Suan, Lin Xue Ya and others in the east and west.

Game world view
In the war between the army of the demon world and the human world in the past, human beings forged many weapons capable of exerting unparalleled power—the magic weapon of gods. After the war, these large numbers of magical weapons were handed over to the seal guardians for long-term guarding. Among them, the strongest weapon, the Heavenly Punishment Sword, was guarded by the seal guardian brothers and sisters Dan Heng and Dan Fei.
Now, the Heavenly Punishment Sword has fallen into the hands of the villains, headed by Mie Tianhai. On the way to escape from the pursuit of Mie Tianhai, Dan Fei meets Lin Xueya and Shang Buban by chance, and gets their help. Drawn by the wonderful fate, the three, together with the newly joined companions with distinct and different personalities, embarked on a journey towards the Tower of Seven Sins where Mie Tianhai lived…

Game Features
Restoring the classics and revisiting Dongli
Popular characters such as Shangbuban, Lin Xueya, Mie Tianzhu, and Sha Wusheng all appear on the stage. The game’s plot is accompanied by interpretations throughout the day. (NITRO PLUS) unique fantasy world of martial arts, find the original touch.

東離劍遊紀 M

Gorgeous combos and action aesthetics
The 3D battle reproduces the high-burning puppet show, and the characters follow the original settings in every move. The smooth and smooth combo moves, the tricks under the shadow of swords and swords, combined with gorgeous visual effects and refreshing sense of attack, redefine the new aesthetics of ARPG action martial arts.

東離劍遊紀 M

Encounter by fate, ride together in the same boat
As the story progresses, you will encounter original characters with distinctive and different personalities, and each character has a unique combat positioning and skill characteristics. Gather people with their own strengths, and flexibly use strategies such as formation bonuses, QTE systems, attribute restraint, and state compounding to cross the rivers and lakes with your favorite characters.

東離劍遊紀 M

Girls with Weapons, Color and Arts
The powerful weapon in the original work–the magic weapon of gods, fights side by side with you in the form of a girl in the game. The weapon girls incarnated from the gods and magic weapons not only have exquisite portraits and superb skills, but also provide combat bonuses for the characters, bringing double enjoyment in vision and operation.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO

東離劍遊紀 M
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