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Fresh RPG: Raising Gangnam Shark

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Fresh RPG: Raising Gangnam Shark (by Bluesom Co.,Ltd)

A fresh idle game directly from the farm is here!
Get the seasonal Gangnam Shark quickly!
If you pre-register now, you will receive a pizza and dungeon ticket set that can be drawn 200 times as a bonus!
Make a reservation while it’s fresh!

Game Introduction
The igloo you barely prepared is melting. Need repair right now!
Defeat the monsters and save the house from melting with cute characters!

싱싱한 RPG : 강남상어 키우기

Easy and diverse growth factors!
No more stress from complex systems!
Grow excitingly with easy and diverse growth factors.
Even if I rest, our Gangnam Shark and colleagues do not rest. Even if you don’t log in, experience points and gold coins explode!

싱싱한 RPG : 강남상어 키우기

A variety of fun equipment!
Catch powerful gear by fishing!
Acquire the legendary Golden Tuna Bazooka and wipe out your enemies!

싱싱한 RPG : 강남상어 키우기

Showdown contest with other users!
Check out how much your characters have grown!
As the battle progresses, the characters’ abilities increase!

Restore the melting house!
Get the materials and restore the melting ice mansion!
As the mansion is reinforced, the morale of the characters rises!

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

싱싱한 RPG : 강남상어 키우기
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