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Dragon Nest 2 (TW)

Early access(CBT) + Apk

💡Platform – Android

Test time: 7/8 (Thursday) ~7/14

The description of 龍之谷2:進化 (By HotCool Game)

Great hero! You can hear the whispering call of the goddess Altaiya, please come back and continue to write your faith and mission together!
The continent of Altria is about to collapse, she is waiting for your return!

The creator of the Dragon Valley continent, the goddess Altea, was poisoned by the evil sister Vestine and fell asleep. In her sleep, a world like Archerin was born. The invading shadows wreak havoc on this continent, this land has been devastated, human beings have become selfish and greedy, and this pure land is facing unprecedented disasters.
Until a group of warriors came to this land, fought with the dragon, found the energy stone that helped them awaken the sleeping goddess, and awakened her to save the world.

Do you remember that you did it 11 years ago? Now, the Dragon Valley continent has been attacked by giant dragons again, and the Land of Happiness has collapsed again. In your sleep, do you hear the call of the goddess: “Warriors, please come back! Come back and save the world shrouded in darkness.”

Altea is waiting for you and your friends to go home, to stop all evil creatures from destroying the world, and to save all of your entire youth.

MMO experience as the main selling point of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution of the mobile game
This is an innovative attempt of the Dragon Valley series. The game scene has been completely restored and moved to the mobile phone, and the MMO experience has also been optimized on the basis of the end game:

The vast world of delicate pictures
Big map production-accurately restore one brick by one tile, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Dragon Valley continent


Experience the fun of real MMORPG playing treasure
Team up to play dungeons-challenge your lair and dragon’s lair with faith with your friends, and discover new maps


The friendship is immortal, the more you talk, the more cordial
Communicate more easily through voice and text


Hand in hand with partners
Form a union with like-minded partners and play big bosses randomly together to upgrade


Not only sports and leisure, but also
Semi-automatic mode, let you easily get started anytime, anywhere


Diversified economic adventure EASY
A more open trading system, you can earn coins in a variety of ways

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