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Dream Meister and the Recollected Black Fairy

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 夢職人と忘れじの黒い妖精 (by GCREST, Inc.)

The latest “Dream World Series” following “Dream 100” with over 12 million downloads worldwide!
A dream-spinning fantasy profession RPG “Dream Craftsman and Forgotten Black Fairy (Yumekuro)” sent by GCREST

Dream world. There is a world where people live by using the power of dreams such as strong feelings and will for the future.
The dream world is now in an era of breakthroughs.
Craftsmen called Meisters steer the rudder.
They form a guild with like-minded people, wield their arms vigorously, and develop the world.
However, a black fairy that suddenly appeared is trying to threaten the craftsmen–


This is a story of various dreams woven by a craftsman who pursues dreams and a fairy who hates humans.
And the story of your dreams that connects them.


Full voice for the main story and character story!
The main story set in a vast dream world,
You can enjoy many scenarios as well as character stories that draw romance and bonds!
Depending on your choice, the appearance and story development of the Meister will change!


Easy operation for an exhilarating battle
Easy operation battle of basic auto play where cute mini characters move!
The special skill is a powerful animation production!
Combine your favorite characters and enjoy the battle!


Let’s take a peek at the lives of Meisters at the Guild Home!
Meisters can talk to you and listen to conversations between Meisters!
Two people can go out and exchange messages!

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