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Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore (by WH Mob GAMES)

Welcome to Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore!

Have you ever encountered disappointment in your life? Have you ever fantasized about having a sanctuary where you can relieve your fatigue, stay away from the troubles of the world, and live a simple pastoral life leisurely?

If so, you will love this game! Here, you can let go of the distracting thoughts in your heart and return to the pastoral life full of leisure. The dreamy Shambhala, a peaceful place far away among the mountains in the east, is fascinating, and its secrets are waiting for you to explore!

Game Features
-Renovate and Restore Shambhala. Explore a Fantasy World
Simply swipe your finger to merge the items you need! You can accumulate resources by completing orders, and unlock various areas of Shambhala step by step. From the romantic garden to snowy mountains; from literary courtyard to snack streets, exquisite constructions will take you on a journey through the dreamy world of Shambhala.

Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore

Farming and Management, Create a Dreamy Countryside
You can simulate real rural farming, harvest crops, develop recipes, cook delicious food, and create your own warm and cozy countryside home. You can also cultivate flowers in the flower shop and decorate your backyard.

Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore

Immersive Story, Experience Local Customs
Explore the anecdotes of Shambhala in the story. Accompany Amy to fulfill the wishes of the villagers, harvest friendship and love, build relationships, and encounter characters with different personalities, experiencing their joys and sorrows.

Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore

Various Activities, Waiting For You to Experience
With different seasonal characteristics, various activities are available to unlock exclusive decorations. Participate in the Flower Festival, play at the Temple Fair with your favorite characters, and spend a romantic festival celebration together; go fishing by the lake on a sunny afternoon, enjoying a leisurely and carefree time… From spring to winter, from the beauty of nature to the changing seasons, various activities are with you all the time!

Rebuild your Shambhala and bring it back to its original look! Build buildings, plan farmland, manage harvests with designer Amy, and make Shambhala prosperous again!

“Dream Shambhala” is not just a merger game, you can also experience a new way of combining farmland cultivation and area renovation, and this is a free game. Download this merge game now and embark on a fantastic Shambhala adventure!

Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore

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