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Escape Games – Horror Mystery

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Escape Games – Horror Mystery (by Vincell Studios

Escape Games – Horror Mystery is a supernatural horror game that transports you into a scary world that will awaken your long-dormant fears. Join Ana, an investigative journalist, as she explores a haunted house and uncovers terrifying tales of ghosts bound by a dark presence.

Escape Games – Horror Mystery is a horror mystery game where you have to solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and piece together the secrets of the house’s morbid past. Follow Ana’s journey as she explores a decrepit, rotting mansion that has scary spooks and specters at every turn. As she learns to cross the threshold of her fears, she begins to help the ghosts overcome their tragic pasts. But it’s not the ghosts that terrify her. There is something more malignant, more insidious that lurks in the house. Something that threatens the essence of life and death. Something that wants to take everything away from her!

Help Ana decode the deeper mystery of the nature of the haunted house. Part horrifying, part tragic, and part untangling the enigma surrounding the grisly murders that have happened there. Join her and overcome all the scary traps and riddles set up by this hellish entity. Will she be able to solve the murders and escape before she falls prey to its mind-games?

Help Ana free all the trapped souls in Escape Games – Horror Mystery.

Escape Games - Horror Mystery
Escape Games - Horror Mystery
Escape Games - Horror Mystery
Escape Games - Horror Mystery

Key Features:
A chilling point-and-click adventure game!
A unique supernatural horror storyline!
Eerily mysterious locations to explore!
Solve mind-boggling puzzles and riddles!
Find strange hidden objects!
Play addictive mini-games!
Meet interesting characters!
Dive deep into the world of hauntings!
Solve the mystery of the haunted house!
Get the whole game for free!
Available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian)

Escape Games - Horror Mystery

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