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Evil Lava Dungeon

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Evil Lava Dungeon

Escape from ghosts and don’t fall into the lava!

You’re trapped inside the lava dungeons where only evil ghosts live. Run and escape them all for your own survival. Test your skills and reflexes to achieve the highest score.

Don’t be scared, find the gap and strategize your moves!

The chronometer starts, ghosts are ready to kick you off their dungeon and the ground will immerse into the lava… You have only one option: run in the right way, watch your steps and survive the most time as possible.


Evil Lava Dungeon

– Power-ups and coins:
Find and collect power-ups that will help you to endure more. Collect coins to get
amazing rewards and new characters!

Evil Lava Dungeon

– Unlockable characters:
More than 10 characters to unlock are waiting for you!

Evil Lava Dungeon
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