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Fish Island Revive

Official Launch (Asia) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of フィッシュアイランド リヴァイブ (by GOP Co., Ltd.)

Attractive skills and tension unique to fishing games!
And the 3D rendering is full of realism!
The main character who enjoys exciting fishing is you!

Feel free to enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere with one touch
Combines rhythm, action, and casual
Pichi Pichi Fish-based RPG Fish Island!

Enjoy fishing with one touch
No need to compete with fishing rods!
No need to stare at floats!

Get on the rhythm with a simple tap and catch a big game!
From goldfish to giant white sharks!

If you have bait, you can enjoy fishing with one touch!

フィッシュアイランド リヴァイブ

Your own aquarium
Each person can have an aquarium!
Pacific, Atlantic, India, Antarctica, Arctic Ocean
Create your very own special aquarium!

Fish Island Revive

Various fish and spirits are waiting for you
cute! Unique! Surprise! ? Marine life and
Attractive spirits that lead to their own charm and growth appear one after another!
Let’s go on an adventure trip in search of new encounters!

Fish Island Revive

It’s not just about fishing! Rich RPG elements
PvP, raids, dungeons, BOSS, etc.
Make RPG lovers who can’t be satisfied with just fishing
Exciting content awaits you!

Fish Island Revive

Cooperate with club competitions and friends!
From beginner to advanced! Have fun together and earn rewards and buffs!
While participating in the event, you may become a fishing king one day! ?

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP, HK, TW, SG, etc…

フィッシュアイランド リヴァイブ
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