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Fossil Awaking

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fossil Awaking (by Bolingo Games)

An accident caused the genetically resurrected dinosaurs to escape from the control of ApexTech, giving rise to a world where humans and dinosaurs coexist. In the depths of the forest, a large number of dinosaurs suddenly became violent, putting the surrounding towns in danger. Colin, an animal scientist, ventured into the forest to study the cause of dinosaur aggression, triggering a thrilling journey to confront poachers and uncover the truth behind the dinosaur rampage…

Fossil Awaking

Step into the fascinating world of humans and dinosaurs coexistence, where nearly a hundred species of dinosaurs await your collection and taming! Train dinosaur companions, lead your mighty beast army to combat ruthless poachers, engage in real-time tactical infiltrations to investigate, unveil the mysterious conspiracies of the genetic corporation, and confront evil forces! Join the game now and embark on a journey through this exciting dinosaur world full of surprises!
Four Unique Identities – Choose a distinctive protagonist Different characters possess unique abilities! Honest and brave animal scientist, quick-witted and decisive sheriff, calm and rational war journalist, and easygoing paleontology museum curator. Multiple characters accompany you on your adventure in this world of exploration!

Fossil Awaking

Real-time Tactics – Navigate through imminent combat crises Highly interactive map scenes and intense infiltration experiences! As the commander, can you seize the opportunity and act wisely, avoiding direct conflicts and making the right route plans?
Taming Dinosaurs – Engage in thrilling strategic battles Each dinosaur has its unique role and skills, serving as your formidable allies in battles! You need to adjust the dinosaur formation based on the enemy’s positions, coordinate dinosaurs with different roles, and seize the right moment to unleash skills for a lethal strike against the enemy!

Fossil Awaking

Coexistence of Humans and Dinosaurs – Various dinosaur nurturing Learn about dinosaur behavior, rescue, and tame dinosaurs! Here, you can train and nurture dinosaurs, experience the harmonious coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, and establish your exclusive mighty beast army!

Fossil Awaking

Unraveling Conspiracies – Explore the mysterious rainforest An unknown virus infects the forest, causing dinosaurs to become violent. Major factions gather in the forest to uncover the truth! ApexTech laboratory, dinosaur poachers, undead international mercenaries… Puzzles and conspiracies await your unlocking!
Resisting Invasion – Protecting the town residents The rampaging dinosaurs and evil dinosaur poachers constantly threaten the small town near the forest! Cooperate to rescue trapped residents, restore the town ruins, produce resources, and defend the town together with your dinosaur army!+

Fossil Awaking

Fighting Poachers – Collecting survival resources Explore the outdoor scenes, gather sandbox intelligence, and encounter unexpected events! You need to confront vicious poachers, collect wilderness survival resources, and rescue innocent refugees!

Fossil Awaking

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