Fox Legends

Official Launch(RU) + APK

💡Platform – Android iOS

Languages: Russian

The description of Fox Legends (by EspritGames)

New online action MMORPG with beautiful 3D graphics, captivating storyline, open world and detailed character customization will capture your heart! Meet MMORPG Fox Legends!

Immerse yourself in the world of oriental mythology with anime echoes, explore the dazzling beauty of the location, participate in numerous PVP events, summon and collect funny helper pets and fantastic mounts, defeat powerful bosses! All this awaits in the new online RPG (MMORPG) Fox Legends! Embark on an unforgettable adventure!

This action MMORPG adventure will appeal to even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. Exciting adventures on the mysterious continent, meeting with its unusual inhabitants, learning magic, taming spirits, making new acquaintances, large-scale battles with other players and participating in numerous events – this is just a part of what awaits you in the game. You have a difficult path ahead, but you need to go through it with honor, because it is you who are the Chosen One, on whom the fate of the magical continent depends.

Create a character
RPG fans will appreciate it! Over 500 billion combinations available! Create a character by customizing his appearance to the smallest detail. Create yourself, a dream hero or your alter ego – it’s up to you!

The detailed character designer will allow you to customize his appearance down to the smallest detail. A smile from ear to ear, huge eyes like anime characters, a tattoo on the forehead – your every whim is feasible! And a huge number of styles will complement the image!

Fox Legends

Choose a class for yourself
All the best from classic online RPG (MMORPG) classes and even more!
Love action and close combat – then Warrior or Guardian will suit you. You prefer to attack enemies from afar – take on an adventure the sorceress Musa, who smashes enemies with a magic umbrella, or the well-aimed anime Shooter with two pistols that never misses.
Role-playing game in which you have to customize the class for yourself and show your skills!

Show yourself in PVP activities and events
The game features a very rich PVE/PVP/GVG gameplay. Weekly, monthly and seasonal competitions will give even the most sophisticated fans of online MMO RPG games a good break.

Fox Legends

Explore the fantasy world of MMORPG
Magnificent landscapes, incredibly beautiful urban locations, unique inhabitants of the magical continent, powerful spirits – everything here is full of oriental surroundings with a hint of anime style, and together with stunning detailed graphics creates an atmosphere of complete immersion in a role-playing game.

Tame animals and spirits
Collect a squad of helpers from the magical spirits of nature, develop them, combine them and use their magic and skills to fight the minions of the gloomy Legion.

Fox Legends

Learn the plot of an MMORPG
The magical continent is in danger, and only the Chosen One will be able to use the power of the mysterious relic against the dark forces of the Legion and stop the appearance of Chaos in the fairy lands. You have to undergo training at the Academy of mediums, summon spirits and use their abilities in battle in order to help the heiress of the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox clan restore peace on the continent and stop the Legion’s invasion.

Find your love and family in an online RPG (MMORPG)
On a journey through the mysterious continent, you will find not only endless action and adventure, but also the opportunity to find a family. Find your soul mate, make dates, enjoy fireworks, play a magnificent wedding – add even more bright feelings to this magical world of role-playing game!

Fox Legends

Join a clan
What is an MMORPG without clans? Traveling alone is a dangerous undertaking! Find strong allies, create a clan and become a family. Play, chat, fight and win together. Let the enemies tremble at the mere mention of your clan!

Fox Legends

Created by ©PalmassGames

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