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Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG (by Metabone Entertainment INC.)

The Titans, the forces of darkness, threaten the fate of the world again.
Go on an adventure in search of the lost fairy king’s ancient legendary weapons and grow into a brave hero and defeat all evil beings!
Restoring ancient weapons and destroyed Gauntlets can make you a true hero.

Endless growth Action RPG
Hack-and-slash action RPG to defeat enemies with spectacular skills and actions with an automatic combat system.
You can get legendary equipment and rare items just by waiting.
Easily and quickly level up your heroes, acquire a variety of abilities, and grow in the way you want
Rich gold and various rewards even when offline during adventure!

Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG

The fun of collecting lots of items
Exploring deeper dungeons by rapidly increasing the hero’s fighting power with swords, shields, and accessories
If you strengthen and raise rare equipment, it becomes more powerful equipment and greatly increases combat power!

Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG

Exhilarating Hack’n Slash Battle
Eliminate bosses by summoning powerful skills to defeat enemies with splendor and exhilaration
Combining swords, equipment, and skills, establishing your own battle strategy to become more powerful!

Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG

In-depth growth and various contents
Acquiring a variety of avatars used by ancient heroes enables you to explore more dangerous areas with overwhelming power
Challenge dungeons occupied by various bosses and raid content that needs strategic control!

Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG

Enjoy your adventure with the best unattended RPG that enables infinite hero growth and makes continuous and diverse collection growth plays easy and easy

Available: Google Play – PH

Gauntlet Idle: AFK RPG

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