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Gourmet Stories from Another World

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 異世界美食記 (by WEXPLORE GAMES CO., LIMTED)

Advance reservations for “Gourmet Stories from Another World” will begin soon.
God created dreams, and sweet dreams intertwined with nightmares, giving rise to the dream world. Here, you will play the role of a little god who was relegated to the dream world and run an ancient restaurant with the butler Ciel. It is said that you must pass 9999 trials before you can return to the divine world. You look at the dilapidated restaurant and don’t know what to do. At this time, partners with different personalities such as Frog Prince, Inugami, and Red Queen appear in front of you and become employees of the restaurant. How would you train these employees to create a unique restaurant in the dream world?

“Gourmet Stories from Another World” is a food simulation development game that integrates restaurant management, employee collection, combat and fun mini-games. In the game, you will enjoy the fun of running a restaurant yourself, meet all kinds of strange customers, and lead your friends from other worlds to explore the dream and spiritual world, find delicious recipes from all over the world, and embark on a wonderful journey.


Manage a restaurant and encounter delicious food
-Open a restaurant of your own in the dream world, meet strange guests from all dimensions, exchange your exclusive food for a wonderful story, and find the meaning of cooking in the business.


Fairy tale partners, walking hand in hand
-You are no longer alone, you have broken through the dimension in the dream world, and recruited dozens of partners from fairy tales and legends, such as the cold and elegant Red Queen, the noble and confident Frog Prince, the black-bellied Lolita Little Red Riding Hood, and the wandering crane-like Jiang Ziya… Run your restaurant with them and experience a series of adventures filled with laughter and tears in the dream world.


Gorgeous outfit, match as you like
-Here, we have prepared for you a warm and classic European-style home, a quiet and peaceful animal forest, a simple and elegant oriental charm, a fantasy and charming magic academy, the mysterious Arabian Nights… Various themed decorations for you to freely match and create Your dream restaurant.


Dream adventure, looking for delicious food
– Grab your friends and bravely venture into Mengling Island. In unexpected random events, you can retrieve the scattered precious menus, face the crisis of chaos in the dream world, and uncover the unknown stories of the dream world with your fairy tale partners.

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO

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