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Grand Alliance

Early Access+Apk

Grand Alliance is an anime-style mobile RPG that unfolds in a fantasy world on the brink of war.

 Pre-registration of the game Grand Alliance is completed, the game is officially available on Google play.

Grand Alliance

The imperial family was killed and the tyrant captured the Alcyon Empire, which led to a power struggle between the five noble houses.

Follow the story of Amelia, the last surviving heir to the throne, as she seeks to reunite a country divided by war and struggle.

Journey across the continent to gather new allies, uncover hidden mysteries of the world, and unite the nation under your banner.

Grand Alliance

The description Grand Alliance:

  • Real-time Battles -Control the battlefield with a squad of three heroes as you fight off legions of enemies across an isometric battlefield. Drag and drop your skills to decimate your enemies and unleash your ultimates to turn the tide of battle. Precise movement and timing the right skills will make all the difference in battle.
  • Skill Equipment – Customize your play style and abilities based on skills. Heroes can be customized for a variety of powerful equipment and unique play styles with interchangeable skills that you collect throughout the game’s progression. 
  • Control Your Team – Mix and Match your team with multiple character classes. The gameplay consists of a squad-based RPG where you control a team of three heroes to clear dungeons and battles in real-time action combat. Squads possess complete freedom of movement on the battlefield and not restricted by turn-based controls or small combat stages.
  • PvP Arena – Compete against other players to see who has the strongest heroes at the Grand Arena. Bring up to nine heroes and formulate the best strategies to claim victory!
Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.
Grand Alliance
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