Grandzenka: Idle RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Grandzenka (by gameberry studio)

A huge explosion occurs in a beautiful city on Earth.
Evil creatures began to appear in the ruins.
A strong light came down through the ruins, and I became a hero.

Grandzenka: Idle RPG

A real hot-blooded super rangers idle RPG!

Grandzenka: Idle RPG

Game Features
– Experience the essence of the brave character you felt in the past.
– Raise a super robot that everyone will love!

Grandzenka: Idle RPG

 Captivating action adventure that you can’t look away from
 Obtain at least 200,000 Gems in under 24 hours, Infinite Rewards
 Get showered with resources every time you defeat monsters
 Weapon Farming, simply one of many fun features in Grandzenka
 Automatic/Manual Controls for tactical battles
 Fast Growth is just a given here
 New content and Dungeons mean you’ll never get bored!

– Amazing robot growth system that fits every style!
Meet the ultimate Idle RPG that you’ve been waiting for!

Grandzenka : SuperRangers RPG

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