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Idle Skeleton – Pixel RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Skeleton – Pixel RPG (OmoLab)

Wake up and you realize you became a skeleton!? “Idle Skeleton” is a pixel art rogue-lite dungeon idle RPG where you explore dungeons to uncover why you became a skeleton.

Idle Skeleton - Pixel RPG

Use skills to defeat enemies and adventure through an attractive dark fantasy world. Enjoy a unique gaming experience that combines hack-and-slash, idle RPG, and roguelike elements.

Idle Skeleton - Pixel RPG

With beautiful pixel art graphics, the protagonist’s growth and dungeon conquest method are up to the player! Devise your strategy and aim to become the strongest skeleton knight.

Idle Skeleton - Pixel RPG

In this dark fantasy world, ancient ruins and labyrinths where relics and rare items sleep spread out. Complete quests, power up using dropped items, synthesize, strengthen, and enhance your protagonist!

Idle Skeleton - Pixel RPG

As you level up, new skills reminiscent of nostalgic old-school RPG worlds are unlocked, allowing you to quickly become stronger! It should remind you of the excitement of facing stronger enemies. Can the protagonist uncover the mystery of why he became a skeleton?

Challenge the super large raid boss, aim for the top ranking by dealing more damage, and receive luxurious rewards!

Recommended for:
– Those who like hack-and-slash games
– Those who feel nostalgic for pixel art or retro games
– Those who like the dark fantasy world
– Those who enjoy collecting equipment and skills in RPGs
– Those who like idle games and are looking for a game to enjoy without worrying about time
– Those who like to explore ruins and labyrinths
– Those who like the collection element of collecting weapons and skills
– Those who like strategic play using drops to power up in hack-and-slash games
– Those interested in relics, synthesis, and enhancement systems
– Those who find leveling up and skill unlocking enjoyable
– Those who want to immerse themselves in a fantasy story
– Those who enjoy dungeon conquest and monster hunting action elements
– Those who want to enjoy casually in their spare time
– Those who want to aim for the top in rankings
– Those who want to challenge high-difficulty bosses
– Those who want to progress at their own pace for a long time

Idle Skeleton - Pixel RPG

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