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League of Defense

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The description of League of Defense

Select 5 unique Heroes and Deploy them strategically!
Defeat monsters surging to the Castle and Get various rewards!
PVP defense battle between 5 vs. 5 Heroes
PVE co-op battle with 10 Heroes to reach the highest monster wave!
Enhance Heroes with diverse Runes!

You can play LOD with players around the world and get rewards to defeat Boss Monster!

League of Defense

Choose your own Hero Deck around 50 and more Heroes! Manage heroes and resources to defeat other playeres and monsters!

League of Defense

Equip Rune and strengthen your heroes! Empower Heroes with additional stats to overwhelm the enemy!

PVE, PVP, and other Game Mode
Cooperate with other players to get Rewards and Win the PVP Battle! Experience various game modes with All 50 Heroes!

League of Defense

Rewards available even if you are offline! Just play games and level up Heroes with continuous Rewards

League of Defense

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