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Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob

Official Launch – Global – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob (by WHYUS)

Why are these girls behaving like this?
Girls’ anger makes it hard to tell who is good or evil!

These girls are here to thrash for free.
Hunt monsters! and take their riches!
Make the girls grow and hit harder!
Roll for weapons and hit even harder with the acquired ones!
Sharpen your weapons and punish the monsters!
Keep hitting! Click the screen for even better thrashing.
Collect additional riches through periodic collections.
Steal artifacts to become even stronger!
Hitting monsters in various modes!

Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob

Girls Scammed by Monsters Turn into Thugs…
The girls’ raucous adventure begins!

It’s an idle RPG game with a focus on clickers and collection elements.

A wild Fiesta event where you give away items left and right!
Complete your goals over 7 days to earn powerful weapon!

Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob

Plunder monsters with our thug girls!
Enhance the abilities of our thug girls with the loot from monsters,
and draw various weapons to take on even more harder monsters!
Refine your weapons to make them even sharper!

Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob

Transform your thug girls into even more formidable gangsters!
Clear Prison Mode to strengthen the abilities of our gangster girls with enhancement stones!
Awaken their hidden potentials to boost their capabilities!

Collect money on monsters with our empowered gangster girls!
Collect ‘Mobcoins’ from weakly looted monsters to strengthen your weapons!

Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob

Unearth artifacts to unlock their abilities!
Defeat the adorable gargoyle to obtain ‘Gemstones’ and seize relics!
Equip and enhance artifacts that suit your style to torment monsters without mercy!

The gangster girls are looting monsters!
As you progress, tougher monsters emerge, so power up the gangster girls, upgrades, artifacts, and more to move forward!
Experience a variety of rewards from various content and revel in the pleasure of endless growth!

Raising Gang-Girls:Torment Mob
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