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Roll For Adventure: Idle RPG

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Roll For Adventure (by East Side)

HAIL, TRAVELER! Well met! Join heroes Brea, Omar, Tinx, and their ragtag group of RPG companions as they embark on a series of hilarious adventures in the magical world of Hedron! Build outposts, complete quests, and be part of the narrative in this diverse and inclusive Idle RPG game!

One dark and fateful evening, you happen upon the local comic shop, a mysterious cloaked figure, a magical d20, and the opportunity of a lifetime… to ROLL FOR ADVENTURE! All you have to do is roll, tap, click, and advance the story by building outposts and collecting all the gold you can!

JOIN THE ADVENTURE! Add your name to the party of heroes! Join the party and be part of the action as they journey forward through hilarious stories!

Roll For Adventure: Idle RPG

UNLOCK CHARACTERS! Click, tap, and collect all the unique and hilarious companion characters to help run your outposts and earn you the most gold!

IMPROVE YOUR OUTPOSTS! Free to play, tap to win! Click to earn, grow, and upgrade your outposts! Make them more powerful and more profitable!

Roll For Adventure: Idle RPG

INVEST IN ADVENTURERS! Tap, click, and grow your outposts by attracting more adventurers to your outposts! The more you tap, the more adventurers will arrive and the more gold you’ll earn!

EARN A PROFIT! Pocket your premium currency, then fork over your in-game gold to go on more adventures and continue the story!

Roll For Adventure: Idle RPG

SLAY EPIC BOSS CREATURES! Upgrade your heroes strategically for unique bossfight gameplay and specialized attacks!

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN! Match your skills against other players on the leaderboards in time-limited events every week! Explore dungeons, fight dragons, and engage in special interactive story content and lead the heroes to victory! Or, maybe just the local tavern…

Roll For Adventure: Idle RPG

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