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Romance Tycoon

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Romance Tycoon (by KAKU DIGITAL LIMITED)

Reality simulation, experience the luxurious life of being a president, and let you feel the pleasure of earning tons of billions of dollars every minute

Modern Trade War Simulation

 Real estate acquisition, financial war, talent training, investment in stocks… ultra-real game experience, which simulates and restores the theme of modern trade war, allowing you to be on the scene.

Romance Tycoon

Secretary DIY development, confidant vehicles as companions

Collect dozens of luxury vehicles, the caring secretary will take care of the complicated affairs for you, and there will be many beauties who will accompany you and fight side by side with you.

Romance Tycoon

Enjoy spending money at will and experience the life of the president

As the president of wealthy companies, every decision you make is a big deal.

Romance Tycoon

Join a family to build a business kingdom

With your family, enjoy the unpretentious life of the rich

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