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Saga Knight

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Saga Knight (by Potato Play)

Saga Knight takes you on the exciting adventure of a knight who has to battle dangerous creatures in the kingdom. In his journey, the Saga Knight will gain powerful weapons and armor, earn the trust of companions who will aid him in his quest to defeat the fearsome dragon and beyond!

A game optimised for bite-sized mobile gameplay, Saga Knight is perfect to play on the go with no learning curve at all for casual players and deep mastery for the hardcore players, truely an epic adventure for all.

Saga Knight

Game Features
Quick battles with simple controls.
Exciting strategy to manage your energy for skills and counter your enemies.
Equip weapon and armor which grants unique abilities and above all, makes your knight look awesome!
Collect and grow your companions, decide the best skills and talents combination to help you in battle.
Tons of levels that have unique enemies and bosses with challenging traits.
Earn income from your adventures even when you are offline!

Saga Knight
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