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Skyland Wars

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Skyland Wars (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

Skyland Wars is a strategy game set in the world of sky islands. In this fantasy-filled sky world, you can send airship teams to freely navigate the sky, gather resources, and drive away roaming air pirates to construct your own sky city. You can also explore ruins and dungeons full of unknowns and challenges. Each adventure is a completely new experience, as you delve into dungeons with your heroes and troops, searching for ancient treasures while resisting unpredictable enemies and traps.

Skyland Wars

Game Features:

Unique Sky Island Theme
Expand your islands in the vast sky, command your air fleet to engage in real-time battles in the clouds, and showcase your tactical skills to defeat enemies.

Skyland Wars

Island Merging
Explore unknown islands hidden beneath the clouds, unlock mechanisms, and merge these sky islands into your territory.

Skyland Wars

Roguelike Ruins and Dungeons
Explore unknown ruins and dungeons, with each entry presenting different map layouts, enemies, and treasures, providing endless replay value.

Alliances and Cooperation
Form alliances with players from around the world, participate in battles together, share resources, and progress collectively.

Troops and Technology
Unlock various troops and technologies, and customize your army and tactics according to your strategic needs.

Available: Google Play – US

Skyland Wars

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