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SplitRealm: Build & Unite

💡 Platform – Android

The description of SplitRealm: Build & Unite (by gamigo Publishing GmbH)

Build a thriving city in the fantasy world of SplitRealm where elves, dwarves and orcs live life in harmony!

SplitRealm: Build & Unite

Navigate the challenges of this enchanted realm and shape the destiny of the citizens of SplitRealm!

SplitRealm: Build & Unite

Each race brings its unique strengths—the artistic elves, industrial dwarves, and natural-loving orcs. Harness these abilities to create a balanced and prosperous city.

Game features:

Build: Construct buildings and produce items for upgrades while managing the city to gain experience, level up and unlock more options.

SplitRealm: Build & Unite

Manage Citizens: Satisfy the desires of the citizens and unite the different races to enable the growth of their city

Strategy: Your decisions matter! What and where you build affects the prosperity of SplitRealm!

Available: Google Play – US, PH, UK

SplitRealm: Build & Unite
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