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Star Trek Defense

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Star Trek Defense (by Bolingo Games)

“Star Trek Defense” combines the exploration of outer space with strategic tower defense gameplay.


Exploration and Expansion:
Players command a spacecraft, navigating through various galaxies and planets, each offering unique enemies, environments, and challenges.
During exploration, players need to collect resources, build and upgrade weapons, liberating planets occupied by evil extraterrestrial beings in the process of interstellar exploration.

Star Trek Defense

Tower Defense Strategy:
Various tower skills are provided, including energy projectiles, freezing shots, and flame bullets. Each weapon has a complete build system, unique advantages, and applicable scenarios.
Players must unlock and upgrade weapon builds strategically based on enemy characteristics and the course of the battle, forming an effective defense network to eliminate enemies.

Star Trek Defense

Enemy Diversity:
The game features various types of enemies, including mechanical organisms, zombies, and bizarre constructs.
Each enemy has its weaknesses and attack patterns, requiring players to adapt flexibly and devise strategies.

Game Features

Rich Interstellar Environments:
Each planet in the game has a unique background and appearance, ranging from primitive civilizations to advanced ones, from birth to destruction. Each environment provides a different gaming experience.

Star Trek Defense

Diversity in Skill Mechanisms:
Chips dropped in the game affect specific skills, introducing new mechanisms and revitalizing existing skills.

Skill Upgrade System:
Players can choose different skills for upgrades based on their gameplay style and strategic needs. Key upgrades significantly alter the gameplay, allowing players to create unique defense strategies.

Available: Google Play – US, HK

Star Trek Defense

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