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Sword of Dawn M: Knight of Destiny

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 破曉之劍M:命運騎士 (by Pentagram Gaming)

In the distant past, Fedak fell, and his departure left a huge void and power vacuum. This plunged the originally peaceful continent into chaos and conflict. Countries began to compete for territory and resources, and war and conflict became the main theme. At the same time, the boundaries between friends and foes have begun to blur. People no longer trust others easily, but fight on their own, seeking survival and strength. During the journey, you will encounter various dilemmas and choices. Behind the disputes between the four countries are deeper conspiracies and secrets. You must uncover these mysteries to find the real enemy… Are you ready? ?


With the fall of the King of Heroes, the continent of Avalon fell into war and conflict.
The knight entered the stage of history after accidentally obtaining a fragment of the Holy Grail that could unify Avalon. There are rumors that the remaining Holy Grail was swallowed by a dragon. In order to save the refugees and end the conflict between the four countries, the protagonist holds the Sword of Dawn and embarks on a journey to find and tame the evil dragon…


Generous benefits are waiting for you to receive them!
There are a lot of resources in the server opening activities. Recruit an exclusive team of heroes, build your special knights, unite with them, and achieve breakthrough victory in troubled times! You will have the opportunity to obtain rare game props, massive virtual currencies and exclusive privileges to help the president ride the wind and waves!


Contract beast x exclusive x combat skills, create your own exclusive gameplay!
More than 20 talented contracted beasts, 96 exclusive weapons, and thousands of potential combinations are all at your disposal.
The development system with unlimited possibilities allows you to freely shape your character’s attributes and positioning, and show your unique style!


Defeat powerful enemies outwitly and open a new chapter in strategic battle!
Heroes can form bonds with each other, giving characters great power. The lineup is changeable and combined into super BUFF, showing unparalleled strength! Explore the ruins of the gods, participate in the King’s Ladder Competition, and engage in fortress battles and other diversified PVP/PVE/GVG gameplay. Whether you are fighting alone or working together as a team, you can use different strategies to knock down the BOSS and enjoy the thrill of strategic victory!


Play mini games for leisure, and your combat power will increase continuously!
Feel free to explore your world the way you like. Planting flowers in your home, interacting with characters, digging deep into mineral veins to dig for treasures, and your casual daily life can also help you improve your combat power. Various interesting challenges are waiting for you to start!

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, SG, MY


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