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Summoners War: Chronicles

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Summoners War: Chronicles (by Com2uS)

An Action RPG based in the Summoners War Universe
Summoners War: Chronicles

Infinite Monster compositions to choose from based on your playstyle
Battles, strategic dungeons, party play, PvP, and more!
Become the protagonist of your very own chronicles in [Summoners War: Chronicles].

Game Overview

350 types of Monsters and 5 attributes
Experience unlimited enjoyment with
Monsters of diverse characteristics from skills to attributes.

Summoners War: Chronicles

Stronger together! ‘Fight alongside Monsters’
Choose a unique Summoner from Orbia, Kina, and Cleaf.
Fight with a team of Monsters using dynamic ultimate skills and powerful skill links!
Show off your strategy with a unique team of Monsters.

‘A new story of Summoners War’ anticipated by 100 million Summoners
Become a Summoner of the Rahil Guards to defend the kingdom from an evil plot.
The story before Sky Arena and Lost Centuria!
Meet the new universe of [Summoners War: Chronicles].

Summoners War: Chronicles

Various puzzles and traps hidden in ‘Strategic dungeons’
Test your control with mind-blowing gimmicks!
Venture into the dungeons with your strategy.

Gathering, mining, and fishing!
Experience a different type of enjoyment
in various content outside of battle.

Summoners War: Chronicles

‘PvP Battlefield’ only for the prepared Summoners
Challenge the PvP Battlefield where only the strongest survive!
The best equipment and weapons await you.

Fight and develop with allies! ‘Party play’
Enhance your synergy by fighting together
Form a party with ally Summoners and participate in field events and raids!

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Summoners War: Chronicles
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